Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 29 Jan. 1996
to 16:00 on 30 Jan. 1996

The character of the seismic activity, which has dominated the past 12 days, continued throughout the period under review. Hybrid events occurred at a frequency of three to four per minute and amplitudes were slightly variable. The total seismic energy release decreased very slightly during this period. A few long-period earthquakes were located between 0.3 to 2.6 km beneath the Soufriere Hills volcano. Several seismic signals were recorded which are thought to be produced by rock avalanches or, perhaps, very small explosions.

EDM measurements were attempted at Gages today, but were unsuccessful due to poor visibility. Results from other stations to the west of the volcano have not yet been processed.

A helicopter flight during a period of good visibility in the afternoon of Jan. 30 revealed that the somewhat elevated growth rate recognized yesterday is continuing. As a consequence of this growth, the moat area between the dome and the wall of English's Crater is becoming smaller. If growth continues at the current rate, the south end of dome will probably reach the south wall of English's Crater within a few days. This is an expectable consequence of continuing dome growth and is no cause for concern.

Scientists recovered charcoal samples from numerous prehistoric pyroclastic flow deposits at the east end of English's Crater today. These samples will help determine whether the old Castle Peak dome grew in one or more episodes.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory