Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 04 January to
16:00 on 05 January 1995

Two (2) volcano-tectonic earthquakes and one long-period event were located during this period. The long period event was located at a depth of approximately 500 m beneath the Soufriere Hills volcano, whilst the two volcano-tectonic earthquakes were located at depths of 2 to 3 km, one beneath Long Ground and the other beneath the volcano. Six (6) further long-period events were recorded at most of the seismic stations in the local network. Some brief periods of very low amplitude broadband tremor continue to be recorded at Gages seismic station, probably related to steam emissions from the crater. One small regional earthquake was recorded at 01:02 on 5 January.

The dry tilt network at Brodericks was re-occupied today; this technique measures changes in shape of the volcano sourcing from deep beneath it. The data show that there has been no change since the network was last occupied two months ago.

EDM measurements to the Chances Peak Steps reflector show no change from the previous occupation several days ago.

Visual observations made today from the helicopter although visibility was generally poor due to low cloud and steam in the crater area. No major changes in any part of the new dome were noted, although there was some additional material noted at the base of the eastern part of the dome which is probably the result of continued minor rock falls.

Drs Rick Hoblitt and Randy White from the USGS arrived back on island today to help with the monitoring exercise. Both were last on island in early September.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory