Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 01 January to
16:00 on 02 January 1995

Three (3) volcano-tectonic earthquakes were located during this period at depths in the range 1 to 3 km. Two of these occurred beneath the Upper Gages area whilst the third was in the Paradise Estate area. Approximately 17 long-period events were recorded on most of the seismometers in the network. Broadband tremor has essentially stopped, apart from several periods of very short duration which were recorded by the Gages seismometer. Two regional earthquakes were recorded by the local network at 10:46 and 14:19 local time. These events have not yet been located accurately.

The EDM lines between Castle Peak, Long Ground and White's Yard and between Dagenham, Amersham and Gages Wall were again measured today. None of these lines showed any change above the error of the method.

Visual observations were made from the helicopter and from various locations on the ground today. Measurements on the top of the eastern part of the new dome show that there has been no vertical growth here for several days. Measurements from Harris' Lookout to the top of the dome on the north side of the active area also showed no change in vertical height, although observations from the helicopter did suggest that this dome is expanded slowly to the north into the moat area of English's Crater. Currently, growth rate of the dome is at a very low level and does not constitute a hazard to any of the occupied areas.

All of the staff at MVO wish the people of Montserrat and all interested parties overseas a very Happy New Year.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory