Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Update
0700H 6 December 1995

Earthquake activity (seismicity) remained at a high level during the 20 hour period before midnight. Most of the seismograph stations recorded continuous ground tremor and frequent small earthquakes. The pattern of activity indicates that the volcano continue to push the lava domes through the surface at a rate that is slightly higher than previous periods. There was a decrease in the level of activity after midnight but by 4:00 am this trend turned around.

Based on the observations made yesterday the areas of highest danger are those on the eastern sides of the volcano, that is the Tar River beyond White's Yard and also the upper flanks. Scientists very strongly advise members of the public not to enter these area at the present time.

At this time there is very little danger involved in going to the other areas that have been evacuated but the risk must be managed by keeping the number of people exposed over a period of tine to a relatively small amount. All areas that were not recommended to be evacuated during this second phase of increased volcanic activity remain safe at the present time and will continue to do so unless there is a drastic change in the nature of the activity.

Mr Christian Antenor-Habazac and Jean Battagglia arrived on island yesterday. Mr Habazac will assist with electronics while Mr Battagglia would carry out sampling of the various soufrieres which are located on the flanks of the volcano. They are both attached to the volcano observatory in Guadeloupe.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory