Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 02 December
to 16:00 on 03 December 1995

Ten (10) earthquakes were located during this period. These events were scattered beneath the Soufriere Hills area. The nature of these events is such that few are locatable; the general level of seismicity remains high. Tremor levels have decreased during the day and the amplitude of individual events has also decreased. It is thought that magma extrusion is continuing at a rate similar to that on 30 November, which is slightly slower than in the interim.

Six of the eight EDM lines have been remeasured today. Once again, no significant changes were recorded in any of the line lengths. The lines to Chances Peak were not measured due to low cloud cover. GPS measurements were again made overnight in the new configuration which includes stations at Harris' Lookout, Radio Antilles Aerial and St. George's Hill. Data from 2 days ago again revealed no significant changes in any of the line lengths.

Visual observations of the crater area were made from the helicopter on several occasions during this period. There was some continued steam production from several areas, and slow growth of both of the lava domes was noted. A new spine was seen protruding from the eastern part of the dome within the July 18 vent which has the potential to break off and cause rock fall down the Tar River. A flight in the early evening yesterday enabled scientists to observe glowing of some parts of the new domes.

Dr John Shepherd (Lancaster University, UK) arrived late yesterday bearing gifts in the form of new EDM equipment. He will be on island for several weeks to assist in the rationalisation of the EDM network with other deformation measuring devices.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory