Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 29 November
to 16:00 on 30 November 1995

Only two (2) earthquakes have been located for this period. These earthquakes occurred at a depth of about 3 km (2 miles), near Roache's Yard. The very small, frequent long-period earthquakes observed over the last few days have continued, accompanied by continuous broad-band tremor recorded at the Gages seismic station, and in much smaller amounts at the Bethel and Long Ground stations. This continued tremor suggests that dome growth is continuing at a slow rate.

All of the EDM lines have been remeasured today. The Tar River target was again measured from both Long Ground and Whites. All of the lines showed only slight fluctuations which are within the bounds of instrument precision.

GPS measurements taken today again showed no change. The relocation of a GPS site was undertaken, with the Tar River instrument moved to Harris Lookout.

Visual observations were possible today from the crater rim. The presence of a lava dome within the July 18th vent was confirmed. Some rock fall from this dome suggests that it is growing slowly, as is indicated by the seismicity. However, it is still contained within the vent area and it will remain so for many days at the current rate of growth. Close visual monitoring of this dome will be made easier by the presence of a helicopter by tomorrow.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory