Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 18 November
to 16:00 on 19 November 1995

Fifty (50) earthquakes have been located during this period. All of the events were located beneath the Soufriere Hills Volcano, in the depth range 0-5 km (ie within 3 miles of the surface). The quantity of located earthquakes has increased somewhat since yesterday but seismicity is still at a relatively low level compared to last week's peak of activity during November 14-15. Many of the earthquakes continue to be weak events which are only being detected by the Gages station, 1.5 km (1 mile) from the crater.

The Tar River EDM line was measured today and showed essentially no change from yesterday's measurement. Over the last few days, the rate of shortening on this line has slowed considerably. This has coincided with the lowering of the level of seismicity. The two EDM lines to Chances Peak were not measured today due to low cloud which covered the reflector. Re-occupation of all EDM lines will take place tomorrow and the results will be given in the volcanic update.

GPS (Global Positioning System) surveys continue to be carried out each day, although processing of the data takes some time so that the results of today's measurements are not yet available.

Professor Alan Smith and Dr Glen Mattioli of the University of Puerto Rico left Montserrat this morning; they have been replaced by Dr Ellen Howell, who will continue to collect and process the GPS data.

Scientists shall continue to maintain the same level of vigilance in monitoring.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory