Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 12 November
to 16:00 on 13 November 1995

Ninety-one (91) earthquakes were located during the period under review. Almost all the events were concentrated beneath the Soufriere Hills Volcano at depths in the range 0-5 km. The events were mainly volcano-tectonic. Twenty-three (23) long period events were also recorded during this period.

A small eruption signal was recorded at 06:00 on the 13/11/95; no ash emission was reported for this event.

The Tar River, Windy Hill and Farrell's EDM lines were measured today. The Tar River line continues to show some shortening, continuing the trend observed over the past couple of days. The rate is slightly higher than had been observed over the previous two weeks. This rate and the total amount of shortening still remain below levels of immediate concern. The Windy Hill and Farrell's line essentially showed no movement from their last measurement 3 days ago. Other lines were not measured today due to an instrument battery failure; these and the Tar River line will be measured tomorrow.

Two members of the scientific team will be returning to the island this evening; Professor Alan Smith and Dr Glen Mattioli will be re-occupying GPS stations around the volcano to give additional deformation information.

Late Note: A small eruption occurred at 16:03 today producing an eruption signal on seismic stations, and minor ash and steam emissions from the crater were visible from the Plymouth area. The ash cloud was blown northwards. This event followed an increase in seismic activity during the afternoon.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory