Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 11 November
to 16:00 on 12 November 1995

Thirty seven (37) earthquakes were located during the period under review. The events were mainly concentrated beneath the Soufriere Hills Volcano although several events occurred in other areas to the north of the active zone. The events were mainly volcano-tectonic with focal depths in the range 0-5 km. Six (6) long period events were also recorded during this period.

There was one eruption signal recorded during this period. This occurred at 02:47 on the 12/11/95; no ash emission was reported for this event.

Seismograph stations at St. Patrick's and St. George's Hill underwent routine maintenance during the day.

The Tar River EDM line was remeasured this morning and showed some shortening, continuing the trend observed over the past several weeks. The rate and total amount of shortening remain below levels of concern. The O'Garra's and Galway's Plantation EDM lines to the top of Chances Mt. were also remeasured today; both showed a small amount of shortening, well below levels of concern.

Visual observations of the crater area were made this afternoon in conditions of excellent visibility from Chances Mt. Steam emissions were noted from several small new vents on the southwest side of the main area of activity. The July 18th vent appeared to be quiet, although re-opening of an old vent to the south of the main July 18th crater was evident. This re-opened vent may have been the source of Thursday's ash fall.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory