Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 7 November
to 16:00 on 8 November 1995

Twenty-six (26) earthquakes were located during the period under review. The events were mainly clustered beneath the Soufriere Hills Volcano with a few scattered beneath St. George's Hill and Long Ground. The events were mainly volcano-tectonic. Focal depths ranged from 0-3km. Four (4) long period events were also recorded.

Three eruption signals were recorded at 20:18 and 23:58 on the 7/11/95 and 09:35 on the 8/11/95.

The new EDM line between O'Garra's and Chances Peak was fully installed today by the establishment of a permanent marker pin. Low cloud over the peak prevented measurement of the line. The Tar River line was not remeasured today. Low cloud also prevented location of the reflector target at this site.

An attempt to examine English Crater from Chances Mt. was made this afternoon. Poor weather conditions prevented any views of the crater area.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory