Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 2 November
to 16:00 on 3 November 1995

Twelve earthquakes were located during the period under review. The events were located beneath the Soufriere Hills Volcano and were mainly volcano-tectonic. Focal depths ranged from 1-6km. There were four long period events and several periods of broadband tremor.

Two eruption signals were recorded at 19:23 on the 2/11/95 and 11:22 on the 3/11/95. Explosions were heard from the first event and light ash fall was deposited in Upper Gages and Chances Mt. The second event was again witnessed by both scientists in the Observatory and in the field. This resulted in the emission of steam and ash which fell in the Parson's-Amersham area and in Plymouth. There was one mudflow which occurred at 02:54 on the 3/11/95.

The Tar River EDM line was measured today. The measurements obtained continue to show a slight shortening in the line. The rate and amount of shortening are both below levels of concern.

Dry-tilt measurements were made at the Brodericks site. These data are still being processed at this time.

Visual observation of English Crater from Chances Mt. early on the 3/11/95 revealed that, apart from continued enlargement of the July 18th vent, there are no major changes in conditions at Castle Peak.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory