Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 25 October
to 16:00 on 26 October 1995

There were thirteen (13) earthquakes located during the past twenty-four hours. The events were located mainly beneath the Windy Hill area, the Long Ground area and the Soufriere Hills Volcano with focal depths ranging from 0-5km. The events were mainly volcano-tectonic. One earthquake at 09:33 of magnitude 2.5 was felt slightly at the Observatory.

Four eruption signals were recorded by the seismograph network today. The eruptions occurred at 23:14, 23:21, 23:47 and 04:47. No reports of ash fall were received by the Observatory. Several episodes of low-amplitude, broadband tremor were also recorded.

EDM measurements were made at the Tar River site today. The result indicates a continuation of the general trend of shortening observed during the past several weeks.

Visual inspection of English's Crater was not possible at all due to low cloud cover.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory