Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 22 October
to 16:00 on 23 October 1995

There were thirty-four (34) earthquakes located during the past twenty-four hours. The events were scattered throughout the southern part of Montserrat with concentrations beneath the Soufriere Hills volcano. The earthquakes ranged in depth from 0-6km and were mainly volcano-tectonic with a few long period events.

One eruption signal was recorded by the seismograph network today. The eruption occurred at 13:37 and produced ash deposits within English Crater and Tar River. There was also one period of broadband tremor lasting for approximately 14 minutes.

The EDM sites at Tar River, Windy Hill and Farrells was occupied today. The measurements made do not show any major changes from those made yesterday. The data collected during the measurements at Tar River throughout the day yesterday did not show any change from those made at this location the previous day.

Visual observation of English Crater was made both from the helicopter and from Tar River. Excellent conditions early today allowed all the major features within English's crater to be clearly seen. The dome continues to emit steam and is covered in part with yellow sulphur deposits. It may also have increased slightly in size since last observed on the 20th October. Apart from the dome and one small area located south east of the dome, there were no steam emission from the crater. This condition changed following the eruption which occurred at 13:37 this afternoon, ie. there was an increase in steam emission from several areas of the crater and Castle Peak dome.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory