Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 21 October
to 16:00 on 22 October 1995

There were thirty-six (36) earthquakes located during the past twenty-four hours. The events were mainly scattered throughout the southern part of Montserrat with concentrations in the Long Ground-Tar River area. The earthquakes ranged in depth from 1-7km and were mainly volcano-tectonic.

There were a few episodes of broadband tremor during the period. These are most likely related to the emission of steam from vents located on Castle Peak.

Measurement of the slope distance from the EDM station at Tar River to Castle Peak dome was made throughout the day. The data from these measurements are still being processed. Preliminary checks show that there were no major changes during the period of occupation.

Visual observation of English Crater both from the helicopter and from Tar River, today revealed that there was light emission of steam from the July 28th and August 11th vents. The crater was obscured for most of the day by low level cloud cover.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory