Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 17 October
to 16:00 on 18 October 1995

Twelve (12) earthquakes were located during the period under review. The events were essentially scattered throughout the southern parts of Montserrat in the depth range 0-4km. The events were all volcano-tectonic events.

There were several periods of broadband tremor. Intermediate period tremor also occurred on several occasions.

There were two eruption signals recorded by the seismograph network today, these occurred at 17:39 on the 17th and 05:30 on the 18th October. Ashfall from the 17:39 event occurred in the areas of Fort Barrington and Kings Hill and surrounding areas. Ashfall from the event early this morning occurred in Upper Gages, Parsons and surrounding areas.

Electronic Distance Meter measurements were made at all EDM sites today. The measurements showed no significant changes from those made on previous occasions. The electronic tiltmetre at Long Ground have not shown any genuine tilt events.

Excellent weather conditions today provided perfect viewing conditions at English's Crater. The area of the July 18th vent and the dome was inspected from Chances Peak by a field team early this morning. In addition, the helicopter was used on several occasions to obtain very good views of conditions at the crater. The observations made today allowed the scientific team to get a good perspective of conditions in the English Crater area.

The eruption yesterday which produced the mudflow down Hot River has created a circular, water-filled crater located in very close proximity to the July 28th vent. The dome area continue to emit steam but appears to have not increased significantly in size since last viewing. Apart from several pools of water which have collected due to the heavy rainfall overnight, conditions in the English Crater area have not changed significantly from previous observations.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory