Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 11 October
to 16:00 on 12 October 1995

There were thirteen (13) located earthquakes during the period under review. These were all volcano-tectonic events which were scattered mainly beneath the Soufriere Hills volcano and the Tar River-Long Ground area. The events were generally of a shallow depth (0-6km).

Three episodes of ash eruptions at 09:01, 09:55 and 11:14 resulted in ashfalls in the Plymouth, Upper Gages, Amersham and surrounding areas. There was continuous steam emission from several parts of English's Crater and the new vent at the Tar River section of Castle Peak dome.

Despite the very poor visibility, some visual observations were made of the crater area. There appears to have been no significant change in the size of the dome. Steam emissions continue from the top section of the dome and from the July 18th vent. Visual observations today confirmed the sighting yesterday of an increase in the size of the July 18th vent.

The dry tilt site at Brodericks was occupied today. The results from this station are still being processed. Results from occupation of the Amersham site yesterday reveal that there has been no deformation at this site. Electronic tilt signals from the Long Ground and Spring Hill site have not revealed any deformation.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory