Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period from 16:00 on 05 October
to 16:00 on 06 October 1995

During the period under review there were 36 located events. These were mostly clustered beneath the Soufriere Hills volcano with two events located beneath St. George's Hill. The earthquakes were generally of a shallow depth (0-5km) and were mainly volcano-tectonic events. There were also three small long period events. Two of the earthquakes were felt at around 13:49 and 13:54; these were of magnitude 2.5.

An ash and steam eruption occurred at around 23:55 on the 5th October. Ash was deposited in several areas including Plymouth, Cork Hill, Amersham, Gages, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas.

Electronic tiltmeter observations revealed no genuine deformation events.

Electronic Distance Meter (EDM) measurements were conducted at Tar River, Farrells, Amersham and Chances Peak. A new line was also measured for the first time from Farrells to Windy Hill. The measurements made, do not show any significant change in the trends noted in previous reports.

Due to the low cloud cover, it was not possible for the past two days to make a visual examination of English Crater.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory