Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period from 16:00 on 03 October
to 16:00 on 04 October 1995

The Soufriere Hills Volcano Observatory continue to operate with a staff complement of fourteen individuals (five members from the Seismic Research Unit and eight local volunteers). The Observatory routinely processes data from ten seismic stations and two electronic tilt stations located around the volcano. In addition, water and gas samples are taken at the Gages, Galways and Tar River Soufriere for further analysis.

During the period under review, Electronic Distance Meter (EDM) measurements were made at Tar River, Amersham, Chances Peak and Farrells. The EDM measurements at Tar River continue to show the same shortening trend noted during previous occupations. An attempt was made to re-establish a reflector at Gages which was damaged in recent rainfall. However extremely bad conditions at the site did not allow this to be done.

There were 12 events located beneath the Soufriere Hills volcano. These earthquakes were generally of a shallow depth (1-6km) and were mainly volcano-tectonic events. There were two long period events.

Electronic tiltmeter observations revealed no genuine deformation events. The electronic tilt station at Long Ground, which was recently repaired, is now fully operational.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory