Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 5 p.m. 28 December
to 5 p.m. 29 December 1998

Volcanic activity has remained low today. Eight rockfalls, two hybrid earthquakes, five volcano-tectonic earthquakes and two long period earthquakes triggered the seismograph network over the past twenty-four hours.

A short episode of ash venting occurred at about 7am this morning generating a low level ash cloud that was blown to the west over Plymouth.

The MiniCOSPEC was used later in the morning to assess the flux of sulphur dioxide gas from the volcano. The measured flux was, on average, 1500 tonnes per day.

Essential maintenance was carried out today on the short period seismometer at Roches Yard.

Residents of Montserrat are advised to keep listening to ZJB Radio Montserrat for information relating to any further developments in the state of the volcano.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory