From Sun Dec 6 10:28:04 1998 Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 18:24:42 -0400 From: MVO To: "evening report:email" , "Willy (email) Aspinall" Subject: MVO daily report, 5 December 1998 Montserrat Volcano Observatory Montserrat, W.I. Report for the period 5 p.m. 4 December to 5 p.m. 5 December 1998 In the last 24 hours the seismic networks recorded 20 rockfall signals and 66 volcano-tectonic earthquakes. Most the volcano-tectonic earthquakes occurred in a swarm overnight. Several short periods of volcanic tremor were also recorded; this commonly coincided with light ash production. A field team went to the Trant's areas yesterday afternoon, and made measurements in the pyroclastic flow deposits. Several of the usual sites for temperature measurements have now been impacted by mudflows, but at one site, where temperatures were last measured in September this year, the deposits were still at 95 degrees centigrade at 75 cm depth. The Farm River is now in a new gully up to 3 m deep, and the main channel is directed to the north of W.H. Bramble airport towards Trant's Yard. Residents of Montserrat are advised to keep listening to ZJB Radio Montserrat for information relating to any further developments in the state of the volcano. 17:00, 5 December 1998