Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 5 p.m. 12 November
to 5 p.m. 13 November 1998

Activity remained at a relatively low level after the collapse yesterday morning. There were 32 rockfall signals and one hybrid earthquake.

Temperature measurements were made in yesterday's flow deposits on the Tar River fan. The highest temperature recorded was 540 degrees centigrade at a depth of 50 cm in the deposit. Almost two thirds of the fan is covered by fresh, highly-fluidised deposits.

GPS occupations were completed by the University of Puerto Rico at sites at Lookout Yard and Redonda. Most of the deformation measurements made by MVO and the University are at sites on and around the volcano. Wider field monitoring is also done though to look for deformation of the volcano relative to the rest of the island and for local tectonic effects.

Residents of Montserrat are advised to keep listening to ZJB Radio Montserrat for information relating to any further developments in the state of the volcano.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory