Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 5 p.m. 4 June
to 5 p.m. 5 June 1998

The activity of the volcano has been at a slightly higher level today. Between 4 p.m. yesterday and 4 p.m. today 31 volcano-tectonic earthquakes, 10 hybrid earthquakes and 8 rock falls were recorded on the seismic network. However all of these events were very small.

Yesterday evening a small mudflow was recorded on the seismic network at about 7.30 p.m. This was less intense and of shorter duration than the event on Wednesday evening. However, field investigations on the western side of the volcano suggested that heavy rain over the last few days is now starting to accumulate in low lying areas, for example, near Lees. There is now a hard crust to some of the deposits and rainwater run-off could be greater in the future. There are also at least 5 new river channels leading towards Plymouth. These will probably be the main routes for floodwater after heavy rains, and include a channel down George Street, one towards Police HQ, and one towards Montserrat Secondary School.

Dust levels were low at all sites today.

Residents are reminded that the volcano remains in a potentially active state, and that they should continue listening to Radio Montserrat in case there are sudden changes.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory