Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 6 p.m. 30 May
to 6 p.m. 31 May 1998

Volcanic activity has remained at a low level today. Between 4 p.m. yesterday and 4 p.m. today 1 volcano-tectonic earthquake and 5 rockfalls were recorded.

A field party went to Trants' today to measure the temperature of the pyroclastic flow deposits near the airport. They found that the flows have not cooled since the last measurements were made and are still more than 350 degrees centigrade at a depth of 2 meters.

Dust levels were low at all sites today.

Residents are reminded that the volcano remains in a potentially active state, and that they should continue listening to Radio Montserrat in case there are sudden changes.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory