Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 6pm 17 April
to 6pm 18 April 1998

The level of volcanic activity over the past 24 hours has remained low.

Between 4pm yesterday and 4pm today 10 volcano-tectonic earthquakes, 2 hybrid earthquakes and 3 rockfalls were recorded. Most of the earthquakes were small and occurred overnight.

Further sampling of rocks from the pyroclastic flow deposits produced during the September 21st 1997 dome collapse took place today. These samples show interesting textures which, when analysed, can tell scientists about processes which have taken place in the magma system beneath the volcano.

A field team also sampled the secondary pyroclastic flow deposit in Dry Ghaut, South Soufriere Hills, which was produced during the Boxing Day collapse. This flow formed in a similar way to the secondary pyroclastic flow that travelled down Dyers River towards Corkhill on 25th June 1997.

Preparations were made today to re-install a gravimeter at Hermitage.

Dust levels at all monitoring stations were low today.

Residents are reminded to keep listening to Radio Montserrat for any further information.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory