Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 6pm 11 April
to 6pm 12 April 1998

The level of volcanic activity over the past 24 hours has remained low, with very little change in the daily number of earthquakes recorded.

Between 4pm yesterday and 4pm today there were 14 volcano-tectonic earthquakes, 7 rockfalls.

Visibility was better today and from visual observations of the dome there appears to be very little change from the time it was last seen.

Theodolite measurements were made from Gages Mountain to measure any growth which may have taken place recently and the results will be processed and made available at a later date.

Further work was carried out on the broadband seismometer installations today.

Dust levels at all monitoring stations remaineed low today.

Residents are reminded to keep listening to Radio Montserrat for any further information.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory