Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 6 pm 11 March
to 6 pm 12 March 1998

The level of volcanic activity over the last twenty four hours has remained low.

Between 16.00 yesterday and 16.00 today there were 4 hybrid earthquakes 4 rockfall signals and 2 volcano-tectonic earthquakes.

Visibility of the summit was poor this morning but improved towards the end of the day, permitting good observations from some locations on the ground.

The GPS system is being further improved with the arrival of additional new equipment which is currently being installed and tested with a view to establishing continuous transmission of telemetered data from various sites around the volcano.

Attempts by the geological field team to enter the south west area for further study of the Boxing Day eruption proved unsuccessful due the high levels of wind-blown ash in this area even after a short period of overnight showers.

Dust levels were low at all the normal observation sites, largely due to reduction of the strong winds as well as the dampening effects of pre-dawn showers.

Residents are reminded to remain alert and listen to ZJB radio.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory