Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 6 pm 4 March
to 6 pm 5 March 1998

The level of volcanic activity over the last twenty four hours has been low.

Between 16.00 yesterday and 16.00 today there were 2 rockfall signals, 3 hybrid earthquake signals and 19 volcano-tectonic earthquakes. The earthquakes have occurred throughout the reporting period. At 3.09 am there was a regional earthquake.

A long GPS occupation between Harris and Whites yesterday showed shortening of the line between them. This is caused by northward movement of the Whites site. Around 3.5cm shortening has occurred since last October. The two sites were re-occupied today and yesterday's result was duplicated to within 5mm. Continuous shortening on the Harris to Whites line occurred last summer and was associated with activity on the northern flank of the volcano.

Five occupations of the new GPS site at Blakes have now been made since the site was established in January. The site appears to be perfectly stable.

Dust levels were low at St Johns today. The levels at Old Towne, Woodlands and St Peters were raised but the Woodlands and St Peters sites were affected by yesterday's power cut.

Residents are reminded to remain alert and listen to ZJB radio.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory