Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 6 pm 3 March
to 6 pm 4 March 1998

The level of volcanic activity over the last twenty four hours has been low.

Seismicity has been lower than the past few days. Between 16:00 yesterday and 16:00 today, 4 hybrid earthquakes, 3 long period earthquake and 20 rockfall signals were recorded on the seismic network. Rockfall activity was scattered throughout the day with no clear peaks. There were also 11 volcano-tectonic events.

A theodolite survey of the dome completed on Sunday revealed that the summit of the dome had reached 1011m. It therefore grew 14m in height over a period of 48 hours. Today's visual observations confirm the existence of several large spines in the summit area of the Galways sector.

A long GPS occupation between Harris and Whites was completed today and a further long occupation between Harris and Blakes is in progress. Results will be processed shortly.

Dust levels were low at all sites today except Woodlands where levels were raised.

Residents are reminded to remain alert and listen to ZJB radio.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory