Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 6 pm 23 February
to 6 pm 24 February 1998

Seismic activity and dust levels at all monitoring sites were again low today.

Between 16:00 yesterday and 16:00 today there were 4 hybrid, 21 long-period, 4 volcano-tectonic earthquakes and 24 distinct rockfall signals. Most of these event occurred throughout the day. However, there was one period of enhanced earthquake activity between 01:10 and 03:40 this morning which consisted of a mixture of very small hybrid earthquakes and rockfall signals. The interval between the peaks in seismicity has increased to about 14 hours.

Clear views of the volcano today indicate that dome growth continues in the Galways area of the crater above the White River. The dome has refilled the Boxing Day scar and the talus deposit now extends into the upper parts of the White River valley. The gaps between the dome and the shoulder at Gages and the Tar River valley is now quite small. Large amounts of steam and other volcanic gases continue to be emitted from the back of the scar on the northern and eastern parts of the dome.

A temperature of 141o C was obtained at 60cm depth in the 25th June 1997 pyroclastic flow in the Paradise River at Harris.

EDM measurements were made to the reflector at Peak B on the northern flank of the volcano from Windy Hill today. The results are not yet available at the time of reporting.

Residents are reminded to remain alert and listen to ZJB radio.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory