Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 6 pm 18 January
to 6 pm 19 January 1998

Seismic activity at the volcano today has been slightly higher with a hybrid earthquake swarm occurring in the afternoon. Between 16:00 yesterday and 16:00 today there were 27 hybrid earthquakes, 24 rockfall signals, 6 long-period and 3 volcano tectonic earthquakes. Four of the long period earthquakes preceded rockfalls. The swarm occurred between 10:54 am and 3:04 pm and consisted of 23 hybrids.

Visibility has been reasonable today, and a steam and dilute ash plume was visible drifting to the west. Temperature sensitive patches were put out in Reids Hill this morning. These will measure the temperature of surges if more pyroclastic flows pass through the area. Pressure measuring devices were also placed in Reids and these will measure the magnitude of any explosions.

A GPS survey was undertaken today between Perches Mountain and Harris. The results of this survey should be available tomorrow. New sites for GPS survey points on Gages Mountain and Galway's Mountain were investigated today. These should provide more information about deformation of the northern and western flanks of the volcano.

Dust levels at all of the monitoring stations across the island were low today.

People should remain alert and listen to Radio Montserrat for further information.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory