Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 6 pm 26 October
to 6 pm 27 October 1997

The volcano remained quiet today. No observations were possible because of low cloud but it is assumed that the new dome continues to grow.

Seismicity continues to be dominated by hybrid and long period earthquakes. There were 43 hybrid earthquakes, 32 long period earthquakes, one volcano tectonic earthquake and 25 rockfall signals between 4 pm yesterday and 4 pm today. The earthquakes were scattered throughout the day with no particular swarms.

No air sampling was carried out today as the instruments were being calibrated - the monitoring of ash levels will continue tomorrow.

If the dome continues to grow it can be expected that pyroclastic flows will be experienced again soon. To begin with these will probably be mainly down Tuitt's Ghaut, as this is below the opening in the explosion crater where the dome is growing. In time, however, pyroclastic flows can be expected in all directions and further explosions cannot be ruled out at any time. It is not safe to live in Olveston, Salem or Friths at the moment. All residents of Montserrat are reminded to be vigilant and to avoid entering the evacuated zone. Ghauts leading away from the volcano are especially dangerous because of the possibility of hot mudflows travelling down the valleys after heavy rainfall in higher regions. Stay tuned to Radio Montserrat for further information.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory