Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Report
Report for the period 4 pm 6 October
to 7 am 7 October 1997

There have been two more explosions since 4 o'clock yesterday. Otherwise there has been little seismicity recorded.

The first explosion occurred at 5:51 yesterday evening, this was the 38th explosion since this sequence started on the 22nd of September. Pyroclastic flows went into the Gages Valley, Tuitt's Ghaut and the Tar River Valley, over the Farrell's plane, and into the top of Tyers Ghaut. The ash cloud drifted north and northeast at 18,000 feet and a light dusting of ash fell throughout the island. There was another explosion at 4:06 this morning. Because of the rain and darkness it was not possible to gauge the height and drift of the ash plume.

Further explosions are expected and, although these will probably be similar in size to those experienced already, longer explosions fuelling more vigorous pyroclastic flows are a distinct possibility. There has been no change in the seismicity before the last few explosions and no warning is expected before further events. All residents remaining in Frith, Old Towne and Salem are thus urged to move out as soon as possible.

After an explosion, fallout can occur anywhere on the island. People should shelter in a strong building and wait for the fallout to end. If this is not possible then hard hats or other suitable protection should be worn. The pumice and coarse ash deposited over the previous few days continues to make many roads very treacherous. Plenty of time should be allowed for any journey and drivers should be very careful. The wearing of ash masks is recommended at all times. Everyone is advised to keep listening to Radio Montserrat for information on the activity.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory