Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Report
Report for the period 4 pm 12 September
to 7 am 13 September 1997

Activity has remained stable overnight, with rockfall signals dominating the seismic records. There was a period of enhanced pyroclastic flow activity between midnight and about 3 am this morning, and there have been occasional other flows since then. Other seismic signals have been rare.

The summit of the volcano is in cloud this morning. However, gas emissions from newly emplaced pyroclastic flows show that activity overnight shed material down the Farrell's plain all the way into the upper part of Nine Turning Ghaut.

The dome continues to grow faster than it sheds material. A large collapse could occur without warning and might lead to explosive activity. Pyroclastic flows from a large collapse can now get into the Belham Valley very easily and may reach the Belham Bridge or beyond. The Belham Valley might become filled with material very quickly, which could allow the flows to reach the Old Towne and Friths areas and the associated surges to get to Salem.

The southern part of Montserrat is extremely dangerous and all areas south of the Nantes River should be evacuated. Residents of Montserrat should stay vigilant and listen to Radio Montserrat for information. Ash masks should be worn at all times in ashy conditions.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory