Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Report
Report for the period 4 pm 27 June
to 7 am 28 June 1997
The current alert level is ORANGE

A hybrid earthquake swarm began at about 4pm last night and had ended by 6pm. The earthquakes were mostly small and the swarm was not very intense. The level of seismic activity remained low until about 11.30pm when another hybrid earthquake swarm began. This swarm included larger earthquakes and was more intense, it lasted until about 2am in the morning.

At 3.51am there was a strong seismic signal which is considered to have been a small pyroclastic flow in the Gages area. Since then the level of seismic activity has remained low with occasional rockfall signals.

The pyroclastic flow and surge deposits will remain extremely hot for several days. Residents must not approach, handle or attempt to walk on the deposits because of the risk of severe burning.

There is still likely to be some resuspension of ash in the air today especially if it does not rain. Residents and workers are urged to wear a dust mask.

Further pyroclastic flow activity is expected, and the high level of activity means that these flows could happen at any time and may be of significant size. The current area of activity makes Mosquito Ghaut the most likely pathway, but further flows in Gages, Tuitt's or Tar River are probable as well. The Belham River valley is also extremely dangerous and should not be entered. Access to Plymouth is completely restricted this morning. Zones A and B are extremely dangerous and nobody should go into these areas at all.

The airport is closed today and will remain closed until further notice.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory