Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Report
Report for the period 4 pm 20 June
to 7 am 21 June 1997
The current alert level is ORANGE

Volcanic activity continues, with another pulse of enhanced rockfall activity which started about 5 pm. The time interval between the start of these pulses has increased to about 20 hours. Last night's pulse was moderate, producing some ash but there were no significant pyroclastic flows. Tremor was recorded on the Gages and Windy Hill seismometers for a time. The activity had quietened down by midnight.

The MVO airport observer reports that the cloud is low this morning. Most of the activity seems to be concentrated in the Tar River valley.

The level of activity has decreased in the last few days, but this is probably a lull period, and further pyroclastic flows and surges could travel into Gages valley, Mosquito Ghaut, Tuitt's Ghaut or the Tar River valley at any time. Access to Plymouth is restricted for the time being. Zones A and B, which include Tuitt's, Bramble, Bethel, Spanish Point, Farms, Harris and Trants, are extremely dangerous and nobody should go into this area at all.

Bramble Airport remains operational, but the public are reminded that it is open only for essential travel purposes.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory