Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Report
Report for the period 4 pm 14 June
to 7 am 15 June 1997
The current alert level is ORANGE

The level of rockfall and pyroclastic flow activity was low yesterday afternoon and but began to increase by 6pm last evening. There was then a series of moderate rockfalls and small pyroclastic flows which peaked in activity about 10pm followed by a decline back to low level acticvity by about 1am this morning. The scientist at the airport has reported some small rockfalls on the eastern and northern slopes of the dome this morning, so dome growth continues.

The weather is hazy this morning with some cloud on the volcano but Tuitt's Ghaut and the Tar River valley are visible from the airport.

The level of seismic activity has been low overnight with only a few small long period events. One small nearby regional earthquake was recorded by the MVO seismographs at 6.19am; its location will be determined when further data is available from the Seismic Research Unit.

Further pyroclastic flows are expected, and it is possible that the hot pyroclastic flows and surges could travel even further than before. The flows may occur with no warning, they move extremely fast and cannot be outrun. The revised zones A and B, which include Tuitt's, Bramble, Bethel, Spanish Point, Farms, Harris and Trants, are extremely dangerous and the authorities and MVO strongly advise that nobody should go into this area at all. The public are reminded that Bramble Airport remains operational, but is open only for essential travel purposes, and a checkpoint is in place to ensure that only bona fide travellers and those with essential business can visit the airport.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory