Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 05 May
to 16:00 06 May 1997
The current alert level is AMBER

Rockfalls and small pyroclastic flows have dominated activity over the reporting period.

The broadband seismic network recorded a total of 83 rockfall signals during the past 24 hours, almost exactly the same number as yesterday. Most of these rockfalls are quite small and they are again occurring both on the White River and Tar River side of the dome. There were 32 long-period earthquakes, of which 27 triggered rockfalls. Eight volcano-tectonic earthquakes and 6 hybrid earthquakes were also recorded today.

Very few observations of the dome were possible today. It appears that the area of active growth is still in the southern part of the dome, with material shedding down both the south-western and south-eastern flanks into the White River and Tar River valleys respectively.

A GPS survey of the positions of freshwater springs in the Woodlands area was completed today to assist the Ministry of Agriculture.

The volcano remains dangerous, and only essential visits should be made to the evacuated zone. People should wear masks when in the ashy areas. The Tar River and White River valleys are extremely dangerous, and should not be entered under any circumstances.

Dr. Angus Miller and Dr. Gill Norton returned yesterday evening after a short break. Dr. Miller has now taken over as Deputy Chief Scientist at MVO.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory