Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 02 April
to 16:00 03 April 1997
The current alert level is ORANGE

Volcanic activity has been at a low level today. Numerous rockfall and small pyroclastic flow signals were recorded overnight. The volcano has been very quiet from about midnight to the end of the reporting period.

Seismic activity has been low today. Over the past twenty-four hours a total of 16 volcano-tectonic earthquakes, 11 hybrid earthquakes and 8 long-period earthquakes have been recorded. Nine (9) of the VT events were located beneath the crater at depths between 1.9 and 4.3km. Twenty-nine (29) rockfalls were also recorded.

Views of the dome from the helicopter indicate that there are no major changes. The scar above the Galway's Wall shows only minor signs of activity in the form of small rockfalls. The back wall of the scar appears to be pushing upward and outward to the south. There is an unstable spine at the top of this area. There has been slight widening and deepening of the notch in the Galway's Wall. Steaming was observed from the deposits in the White River and also from a large part of the dome.

No COSPEC measurements have been made recently because of the high levels of ash. This interferes with the equipment and prevents accurate measurements.

A dome survey was carried out this afternoon using the GPS equipment and the laser range-finding binoculars. The results will be presented in a later report. The GPS equipment has been deployed on a long occupation.

There will be a live phone-in radio program tonight at 8:00pm on Radio ZJB. Members of MVO will be available to answer any questions from listeners.

Mr Brian Baptie (BGS) arrived this afternoon to assist in the use of the broadband seismic equipment.

The situation at the volcano has stabilised today, but further pyroclastic flow activity is expected. The amount of material removed from the dome so far is much less that that removed during the explosive eruption in September 1996. Residents of Montserrat are urged to listen to Radio Montserrat for further updates, and listen for the emergency sirens. Nobody should sleep in zones A to D tonight, which includes Plymouth, St Patrick's, the central corridor, Harris', Long Ground, Spanish Point and Richmond Hill. Zone E, which includes Corkhill and the airport, remains safe at this time.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory