Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Report
Report for the period 16:00 29 March
to 07:00 30 March 1997
The current alert level is AMBER

The volcano has been slightly more active overnight. The seismic records have been dominated by rockfall and pyroclastic flow signals. There were 31 rockfall signals in the reporting period which is a marked increase in number. There were also 7 long period earthquakes, but only 3 hybrid events. There has been intermittent low to medium amplitude tremor recorded at the Gages station, including a period at 8.00 pm which was also seen on the Windy Hill and St. Patrick's seismometers. It is likely that this was a period of near continuous rockfall activity from the dome.

Cloud is currently obscuring the crater area, but fine ash can be seen drifting out to the west which is probably a result of the larger rockfalls.

The volcano remains dangerous. The lava dome continues to grow, and is now almost as high as the previous maximum height achieved in July 1996. Large pyroclastic flows may happen with little warning. Explosive activity similar to the September 17 event, and maybe slightly larger, is possible. Only essential visits should be made to zone C and people should remain alert, listen to Radio Montserrat and be ready to leave at short notice. The enhanced level of rockfall activity means that there may be ash in the air to the west of the volcano, and people are reminded to wear dust masks when in affected areas.

MVO would like to everyone a very happy and peaceful Easter.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory