Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 15 February
to 16:00 16 February 1997
The current alert level is ORANGE

Activity at the volcano has continued at a low level. There was a single swarm of earthquakes during the day with a few rockfalls overnight. The visibility was good for most of the day and excellent views were obtained of the summit area.

Seismic activity has been dominated by the occurrence of a volcano-tectonic earthquake swarm which began about 10:00 am today and has continued after the reporting period. A total of 87 volcano-tectonic earthquakes were recorded, most occurring during the swarm. These were located between 1-3 km depth beneath the volcano with the majority at 1-2 km. No long period or hybrid events were recorded by the network during the period. Twelve rockfall signals were recorded, most of these occurred during the night; no major ash clouds were associated with any of these events.

Visibility was good for most of the day, and very good views were obtained from Whites. Observations from this locality indicated relative inactivity at the dome with few rockfalls being observed.

Despite the low level of activity, more pyroclastic flows are expected from the steep eastern face of the dome. Any collapses are likely to be gradual, and produce small or moderate pyroclastic flows. However, a larger and more prolonged collapse can not be ruled out. Residents are reminded to remain alert and responsible at all times, carry ash masks and spend the minimum possible time in the evacuated zone. Zone E, which includes Cork Hill and the airport, remains safe at this time. The Tar River Valley and the upper Galway's area are very dangerous.

Congratulations to the MVO basketball team who were in winning ways yesterday. They swamped a school team 90 to 61 in a late evening match at Salem which finally put to rest their otherwise unsuccessful bid for top honours in the Montserrat Basketball League.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory