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For Monday/Tuesday May 08/09, 1998
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Over the last few days the activity at the Soufriere Hills Volcano has been at a low level. There have been a few rockfall and volcano tectonic earthquake signals.

A detailed survey of the eastern side of the dome was completed recently and the details gathered will be used to better constrain the shape of the dome above Tar River.

Recent heavy rains are causing mudflows in the Belham Valley and Plymouth areas and this is a cause for concern. Professor Steve Sparkes the outgoing Chief Scientist left for Britain yesterday and is replaced by Dr Keith Rowley.


The Permanent Secretary at the Emergency Department, Mr Franklyn Michael has been invited to speak at the annual meeting of the Co-ordinating Advisory Council of Barbados' Central Emergency Relief Organisation later this week.

Mr Michael will make a presentation on the management of the volcanic crisis in Montserrat highlighting the issues which have arisen and the changes which have taken place as a consequence of the disaster.


The following press release was issued by the Emergency Dept at 9 am on Tuesday June 9th:

"With the advent of the hurricane season bringing heavy rains, there is imminent danger of hot mud flows impacting the Belham Valley which is the main access route through the exclusion zone to Plymouth. Such mud flows may also impact Plymouth itself.

The commercial sector and any member of the public who is still desirous of bringing out important supplies and equipment from the Plymouth area are urged to register now their wish to enter this area whilst it is possible to do so.

Any access to the area will be by supervised convoy and these will take place only with the approval of the scientific community.

Anyone wishing to join one of the convoys should register with the Royal Montserrat Police Force or with the Emergency Department as soon as possible.

Announcements about departure points and times of convoys will be made on ZJB Radio." (END)


Crisis Corps a department of the U.S. based Peace Corps is sending one of their volunteers to Montserrat for a six month attachment.

Ms Rose Arnold arrives here later today (Tuesday) to assist in the starting up of the Golden Years Old Peoples Home which has been built by donations to the Montserrat Red Cross. The home is ready for handing over by the contractors.

A Foundation has been set up to run the home and the building will be handed over to the Foundation by the Red Cross on the official opening day carded for sometime next month.

Ms Arnold a former director of a nursing home in California and a Peace Corp volunteer in India several years ago will oversee the furnishing of the home, help to recruit the staff, put a management system in place, develop a daily menu for the residents of the home, advise on occupational activities in the home and to train a local counterpart.

Crisis Corps recruit former Peace Corp volunteers after a period back at home to respond to crisis situations caused by natural disasters or civilian strife in the developing world.


We apologise for the none appearance of third edition of last week's newsletter. This was caused by a lack of power to our buildings at the Emergency Department during a period of rewiring in the current improvements to our site here in St John's.

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