Montserrat Today

For Monday/Tuesday June 01/02, 1998
Presented by the Information Unit of the
Government of Montserrat's Emergency Department


The activity at the Soufriere Hills Volcano continues to be at low levels. There have been a very few volcano tectonic earthquakes at levels of about 3 kms below the dome and even fewer rockfalls.

Dust levels at all monitoring stations in the central and northern zones are at low levels.


Over last weekend two Montserratians received awards on the international scene.

Rose Willock of ZJB Radio received an award from Commonwealth Broadcasters in Gibraltor for keeping ZJB on air during the current crisis.

Alphonsus "Arrow" Cassell was awarded the Living Legends award by the organisers of the Caribbean Song Festival and the Bahamas Tourist Board in Nassau Bahamas. Congratulations to both!


Last Friday, H.E. The Governor Mr Anthony Abbott chaired the first committee meeting looking at the clean up of Salem.

This followed a Government House press release earlier last week that such a clean-up was being planned. The press release reiterated that Salem was still in the exclusion zone but that any future re-occupation of Salem would depend on scientific advice. However, any re-occupation would have to be preceeded by a major clean up.

At Friday's meeting, three sub committees were set up;

  1. A medical sub committee to look at health problems
  2. A public information committee to keep the public advised
  3. A working committee to carry forward clean up plans.

The main committee will meet again this week Friday.


Some 108 former residents of the southern parts of Montserrat will be guests of HMS Newcastle, the West Indies Guard Ship, this afternoon (Tuesday). The residents will be carried to the southern areas of the island to look at the damage from the Boxing Day (Dec 26th) 1997 flows.

Scientists from the MVO will be on board the ship to explain whe science behind the flows.


LPG (bottled gas) went on sale at Carr's bay this morning. Lines started from early in the day as there has been a shortage of gas for some weeks (see press release below).


LPG went on sale at Carr's Bay this morning to alleviate the shortage of cooking gas.

The current shortage of gas is mainly because of the shortage of bottles in Montserrat. Many bottles have been left in the exclusion zone, several were destroyed by the fire at the Nevis terminal where they are filled, some were lost overboard en route to Nevis in heavy seas, and many could not be filled in Nevis because of damage to the bottles by ash.

A shipment of brand new bottles from Miami will be arriving in Montserrat later this week to help overcome the shortage.

Currently the Emergency Dept is constructing a filling terminal at the Carr's Bay bulk terminal and when this is finished LPG will be shipped to Montserrat in two 5000 gallon tanks and bottles filled locally.

Delta in Nevis who currently refill our gas bottles have increased the size of the terminal to assist Montserrat and now employ Mr Eric Kelsick to run the terminal.

All these improvements will help to overcome the current problems being experienced in Montserrat over the supply of LPG.

More information later in the week.........................

Presented by the Information & Education Unit, Emergency Dept
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