Montserrat Today

For Friday/Saturday May 8/9, 1998
Presented by the Information Unit of the
Government of Montserrat's Emergency Department

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Over the last few days the level of seismic activity at the Soufriere Hills Volcano has increased significantly. Early yesterday (Thurs) morning there was a swarm of hybrid and volcano tectonic earthquakes and since then there have been a number of rockfall and other seismic signals.

Scientists recently visited the top of Chances Peak for the first time in many months by helicopter and found the summit area littered with blocks, many of which are over 1 metre across.

Dust levels at all monitoring stations are low at the moment.


Montserrat will be represented at next week's regional workshop on issues relating to domestic violence to be held in Georgetown, Guyana.

The workshop, organised by Partners of the Americas, will bring together delegates from the USA and all countries in the Caribbean from Belize in the north to Surinam in the south.

Montserrat's representative at the 4 day workshop will be WPC Sharon Lindsay of the Royal Montserrat Police force.


A 12 member group of college students and staff from California USA, are currently visiting Montserrat to carry out community work to assist the island.

They have donated medical supplies to the hospital, are assisting with painting projects in the shelters and are assisting in the grassing of the new sports field at Carr's Bay.

On Saturday night they will perform at a concert at the Brades Pentecostal Church (see story below).


The 75th anniversary of the University of the West Indies (UWI) will be celebrated in Montserrat tomorrow with a concert of gospel music at the Brades Pentecostal Church.

The concert will feature the Emerald Community Singers, Voices and a group of visiting students from California USA amongst others.

The concert is free admission and starts at 6pm.


Due to staff vacation periods there will be no editions of "Montserrat Today" next week. The next edition will be published on Monday May 18th, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Published by the Education & Information Unit, Emergency Dept St John's Village, Montserrat, Leeward Islands, West Indies. Tel: 664 491 7166 Fax: 664 491 2474 E mail: Richard Aspin, Unit Co-ordinator.

Presented by the Information & Education Unit, Emergency Dept
St Johns Village, Montserrat, Leeward Islands, West Indies.
Tel 664 491 7166, Fax 664 491 2474, E Mail:
Richard Aspin, Unit Co-ordinator.