Montserrat Today

For Wednesday/Thursday April 29/30, 1998
Presented by the Information Unit of the
Government of Montserrat's Emergency Department

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The activity at the Soufriere Hills Volcano has remained at a low level over the last few days. In the last 48 hours there has been around a dozen rockfall signals, 4 volcano-tectonic earthquakes, and one small regional earthquake.

Yesterday (Weds) studies were carried out by MVO staff on the September pumice flows and further samples of mafic inclusions were collected for petrological study.

Today the dome is covered by cloud as it has been for most of the week and dust levels are low at all monitoring stations.


With the 1998 hurricane season just one month away, the Emergency Dept is urging all Government Departments and the private sector to prepare their hurricane plan. The department is to issue a leaflet to assist in the planning process.

Experts in the USA are predicting a higher level of activity for the 1998 season compared to last year when there were only three named storms in the region.


The Canadian High Commissioner to the Eastern Caribbean will pay a courtesy call to Montserrat tomorrow to review Canadian projects, gain first hand knowledge of the volcano and to meet with Canadian residents here.

It is thought that there are about 20 full time Canadian residents living in Montserrat.


Mr Jim Van Hecke of the insurance company NAGICO is in Montserrat today for further talks with Government about the insurance situation here. Mr Van Hecke announced after his last visit that his St Maarten based company is prepared to open a branch office in Montserrat and reintroduce insurance cover against all risks except those that are volcanic related.

Until the proposed Montserrat office opens, Mr Van Hecke can be contacted in St Maarten at Tel/Fax 599-5-25598.


Cattle farmers are meeting tomorrow (Fri) to discuss the proposed shipment of cattle to Dominica. The meeting, organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, will make final arrangements for shipping some 200 head of cattle to that Windward Island.

There has been a problem with loose livestock in Montserrrat in recent months especially with cattle so it is hoped that the proposed sale will help to alleviate the problem.

It is hoped to ship the cattle on the regular cement boat which normally sails south empty from Montserrat after discharging its cargo of cement bags for the construction industry.


The road resurfacing of the Hilltop to St John's main road is continuing at a very fast pace. A stretch from Banks to Carr's Bay has been completed with the aid of material from the new million hot mix plant supplied by the British Government.

Overall, the first phase of the project will see over 6 miles of road resurfaced by employees of the Public Works Dept.

More information later in the week...........................

Published by the Education & Information Unit, Emergency Dept St John's Village, Montserrat, Leeward Islands, West Indies. Tel: 664 491 7166 Fax: 664 491 2474 E mail: Richard Aspin, Unit Co-ordinator.

Presented by the Information & Education Unit, Emergency Dept
St Johns Village, Montserrat, Leeward Islands, West Indies.
Tel 664 491 7166, Fax 664 491 2474, E Mail:
Richard Aspin, Unit Co-ordinator.