Montserrat Today

For Monday/Tuesday April 27/28, 1998
Presented by the Information Unit of the
Government of Montserrat's Emergency Department

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The level of activity at the Soufriere Hills Volcano remains at a low level. However there has been a resumption of volcano-tectonic earthquakes with about 12 to 15 events a day being recorded. There are also occassional rockfalls / small pyroclastic flows into the Tar River valley.

The dust levels at all monitoring stations are low.


The debate on the 1998 budget continues today (Tuesday) following yesterday's lengthy debating process. The record EC$130 million budget was presented to LEGCO by the Hon. Chief Minister, Mr David S. Brandt on Thursday afternoon last.


Government Forestry officials along with representatives of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Birds (RSPCB) are carrying out a review of the habitats and breeding patterns of the Montserrat Oriole and the Mountain Chicken.

The review will seek to find out if the ongoing volcanic crisis has affected the population of the Oriole and the Mountain Chicken. In addition the study will see if there has been a change in their breeding patterns because of volcanic activity.


The Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross have announced that Tuesday May 5th will be the date for the 10th and final distribution of food vouchers to registered relocated Montserratians.

In a press release the Red Cross have thanked ECHO, British Red Cross, DFID (Antigua), the Citizen & Friends of Montserrat Office, the Observor, Outlet and Montserrat Reporter newspapers, ABS Radio & TV, ZJB, Valco, Sammy's, Market Point, Time Rite and By Faith supermarkets as well as the Montserrat Community for their support of the project.


The Commissioner of Police's Office in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture are planning to start a committee to organise a campaign to clear the island's roads of all scrap cars. The cars will be held in a special holding area and eventually will become part of the artificial reef.

Any local or overseas environmental agencies interested in assisting in this project are asked to contact the Commissioner of Police at telephone number 664 491 2667.


The first phase of the funds for the Small Enterprise Scheme have been deposited in Montserrat. The British funded scheme will allow the National Development Foundation (NDF) to make low interest loans available to small businesses in Montserrat.

A loans committee has been set up and the first dispersements from the fund will be made next month.


His Excellency the Governor, Mr Anthony Abbott & Mrs Abbott go on leave this afternoon to England.

During Mr Abbott's absence, Dr Howard A. Fergus the Speaker of the House will act as Governor.

More information later in the week...........................

Published by the Education & Information Unit, Emergency Dept St John's Village, Montserrat, Leeward Islands, West Indies. Tel: 664 491 7166 Fax: 664 491 2474 E mail: Richard Aspin, Unit co-ordinator.

Presented by the Information & Education Unit, Emergency Dept
St Johns Village, Montserrat, Leeward Islands, West Indies.
Tel 664 491 7166, Fax 664 491 2474, E Mail:
Richard Aspin, Unit Co-ordinator.