Montserrat Today

For Friday/Saturday March 27/28, 1998
Presented by the Information Unit of the
Government of Montserrat's Emergency Department

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Seismicity at the Soufriere Hills Volcano remains at a low level. In the last 24 hours there have been just 2 hybrid and 5 volcano tectonic earthquakes and a couple of rockfall signals.

MVO SCientists have assessed the current size of the dome as almost 113 million cubic metres. This is the largest size ever recorded, the previous highest being 106 million cubic metres in early December last.

The average extrusion rate of the dome since the Boxing Day collapse is 6.8 cubic metres per second which shows the growth rate has dropped a little.

Dust levels at all monitoring stations are low.


Following delivery of gas and diesel yesterday (Thursday) fuel stocks on island are at very high levels.

There has been a delay in the shipping of LPG gas because of low supplies in Nevis where Montserrat's bottles are filled. The situation is expected to improve early next week and LPG should be on island shortly.


The siren system has undergone a review with a view to installing a system throughout the north of the island. Over the next few weeks the existing sirens will be cleaned and maintained and then re-installed at various sites in the northern and central zones.


The Ministry of Agriculture is importing a biological agent to help in their fight against the Pink Mealy Bug. Signs of the bug on the island were first spotted late last year and since then has spread to several areas on the island.

It is hoped that the new campaign will bring the bug under total control.


The film crew from Germany's Public Television Service left the island this morning after spending 10 days filming here.

The three man crew are preparing a spot about volcanoes on a children's science programme to be aired in Germany in about two months time. This is the second time in a year that M/rat has been featured in the programme.

The producer, Stefan Hoerst is also hoping to produce a complete documentary on Montserrat and whilst here filmed Arrow and the Emerald Community Singers and a number of other non scientific topics to be included in the future documentary.

More news next week.........................................

Published by the Education & Information Unit, Emergency Dept St John's Village, Montserrat, Leeward Islands, West Indies. Tel: 664 491 7166 Fax: 664 491 2474 E mail: Richard Aspin, Unit Co-ordinator.

Presented by the Information & Education Unit, Emergency Dept
St Johns Village, Montserrat, Leeward Islands, West Indies.
Tel 664 491 7166, Fax 664 491 2474, E Mail:
Richard Aspin, Unit Co-ordinator.