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The Volcanic Explanation
For The 48 Hour Period Ending 7 AM On Sunday April 27, 1997
A Presentation Of The Government Information Services
In Conjunction With The MVO.

The current alert level is AMBER

The activity at the Soufriere Hills Volcano has reduced over the last 48 hours. There has been a reduced number of rockfalls and pyroclastic flows into the White River Valley.

There was some long period earthquakes and some of these caused rockfalls from the dome which remained in cloud for most of the reporting period.

A GPS survey was carried out on Saturday on points across the north of Montserrat to see if there has been any general deformation as a result of the volcano. Results are still being processed.

Some light ash falls continue across the Plymouth area and everyone entering these ashy areas are being warned to wear their dust masks.

The alert level remains at AMBER but scientists warn that the volcano remains dangerous and no one should enter the Tar River Valley or Galways areas as these are at risk.

Ash is expected to continue to fall over the next few days and weeks as the face of the volcanic dome continues to crumble.

Government Information Service