Government Information Service

The Volcanic Explanation
For The 24 Hour Period Ending 7 AM On Monday April 21, 1997
A Presentation Of The Government Information Services
In Conjunction With The MVO.

The current alert level is ORANGE

Over the last 24 hours, the activity at the Soufriere Hills volcano has been at a low level with the seismic network detecting just a few earthquake, rockfall and pyroclastic flow signals.

The largest event in the reporting period happened at around 7.25 pm on Sunday evening when material fell from the active part of the dome above the Galways Wall into and down the White River Valley. This valley finishes at the sea at O'Garro's. The event on Sunday evening caused some ashclouds and there was some ash fallout north of the volcano.

The visibility on Sunday afternoon was fairly good but scientists reported that there were no major changes to the dome. However there was steaming from many areas of the dome complex.

The alert level remains at ORANGE because much of the material above Galways Wall remains unstable and is likely to collapse at any time leading to pyroclastic flows. Everyone should remain cautious and continue to listen to ZJB Radio for regular updates. Ash masks should be worn if entering ashy areas.

Government Information Service