Montserrat Today

For Wednesday November 19, 1997
Presented by the Information and Education Unit
of Montserrat's Emergency Department


Seismicity at the Soufriere Hills Volcano has been dominated by rockfall signals, with over 100 recorded in the last 24 hours. Most of this activity is in the southern part of the dome.

Recent dome measurements show that the dome is building quickly and is currently 73 million cubic metres.

Visibility yesterday was much better than of late and it is obvious that much of the pyroclastic flow material has gone down the White River as the main chutes for debris are feeding into this area.

Ash levels in the atmosphere at St John's and St Peter's are currently very low.


Government House has announced that H.R.H. The Duke of York will make an official visit to Montserrat this weekend.

His Royal Highness last visited the island in February of this year to offer support to islanders and to see some of the British Emergency Aid projects. In this follow up visit, H.R.H. will visit shelters, the hospital, emergency jetty and emergency housing projects. His Royal Highness will also visit the MVO for an update on the present volcanic situation.


Representatives of Insurance Companies and adjusters met with Government officials this morning to look at the problems of settling claims in the exclusion zone. There have been problems accessing the zone to examine damaged buildings.

It has been decided, following the meeting, that the exclusion zone will be split up into sectors and adjusters during windows of opportunity in the volcanic crisis will be allowed in small numbers to enter one sector at a time to examine property. The adjusters will be accompanied on such visits by police and MVO officials.

This new system, it is hoped, will speedily assist in the settling of claims.


A housing survey is underway to establish the demand for various categories of housing in the northern zone. The Ministry of Housing is requesting that everyone who has relocated from areas of the exclusion zone and are now living in the north should fill in the form so that proper planning for the future can take place.


In the absence of any hotels operating in the northern zone of Montserrat, the Montserrat Tourist Board (MTB) has drawn up a list of approved bed & breakfast accommodation currently available on island. In addition the MTB has also developed a list of restaurants and a list of bars and night spots that are available. Anyone wishing copies of these lists can call the MTB at 664 491 2230 or can send them an E mail to:


Work is continuing on the road improvement scheme at Fogarthy's Hill and on the Carr's Bay to Little Bay Road. At Fogarthy's drains and walls are currently being constructed and at Carr's Bay to Little Bay a new concrete road is under construction.

In a related matter, the hot mix plant at Brades is being installed and on completion Fogarthy's Hill will be completely re-surfaced.

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Presented by the Information & Education Unit, Emergency Dept
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