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For Thursday October 30, 1997
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In Conjunction With The MVO.


The swarms of hybrid earthquakes at the Soufriere Hills Volcano have continued. Once again these have led to rockfalls from the dome.

The dome itself was visible yesterday and it continues to grow but not as fast as early in the week. The dome has several small stubby spines and a flat upper surface. The upper surface of the new dome is 912 metres (3036 feet) above sea level. The N.E. face of this new dome is very steep and unstable and could collapse at any time. If so pyroclastic flows will be set up and these are likely to go down Tuitt's Ghaut.

This means that all areas in the exclusion zone are at risk and no one should visit them at all.


Sunday November 6th will be observed as Rememberence Day in Montserrat. Due to the fact that the War Memorial is in Plymouth and inaccessible, this years ceremony will be held at Mc Chesney's Estate which houses the Governor's Office.

All uniformed bodies are invited to take part and the ceremony will start at 7.45 am on that morning.


Following last weekend's head count in Montserrat by the Statistics Dept the population of the island has been put currently at 4048 persons.


A news release issued by the Royal Montserrat Police Force has stated that evidence exists that shops and premises in Plymouth are being looted.

It is alleged that this is being done by people entering the Plymouth area by boat. Currently the Police Marine Division is stepping up its operations in the waters off the exclusion zone. In one such operation on Tuesday afternoon police authorities netted a quantity of stolen property and a boat. Later that day a man was arrested coming out of Plymouth with goods believed to be stolen. Three more persons were arrested for entering the exclusion zone, and causing damage to the gates at the barrier in Belham.

The Commissioner of Police issued a reminder to the public that anyone who enters any area of the Exclusion Zone will be arrested and any vehicles and vessels being used in these zones will be impounded.


Yesterday afternoon, participants from the public and private sector discussed the draft of the five year sustainable development plan for Montserrat.

This consultative process was held at Mc Chesney's Estate and the participants discussed land, population issues, skills base, housing & accommodation, the viability of the Health Services, infrastructural constraints and a host of other pertinent issues.

The meeting was hosted by the Development Unit and it is reported that more similar meetings are planned.


With the impending name change of the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to The Emergency Department, The EOC Today will be renamed "Montserrat Today" from Monday November 3rd 1997.

More information tomorrow...................................

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